Welcome to the web page of the writer Agustín Yáñez Delgadillo

Agustín Yáñez Delgadillo, writer,
educator, politician and intellectual, 
whose many accomplishments form
an integral part of the history
of México during the Twentieth Century,
welcomes you to his web site,
where one can find information
about his life and works,
connection with other sites that sell
his works, an image gallery, as well
as some selected texts.


Bibliography: A list of published books throughout the years
Agustín Yáñez's Library: A few images of his library before it was moved to the Colegio Jalisco in Guadalajara.
Resume: A look behind his many accomplishments in diverse fields
Image Gallery: Photographs of Agustín Yáñez with several historic personalities
Selected texts: Selected texts from books translated into English
Note published in Alma de México Airline Magazine: This very good article was written and published in Alma de México Airline Magazine.
Links: Web sites where books can be acquired

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